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  • Book Chapters

    • (2018 – in press) ‘The Migration and Settlement of Pakistanis and Indians’, in Tom Devine and Angela McCarthy (eds), Scotland's New Immigrant Communities: 1945 to the Present. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

    • (2017 – in press, with Omar Shaikh) ‘Feeling Scottish and Being Muslim: Findings from the Colourful Heritage Project’, in Peter Hopkins (ed.), Scotland's Muslims: Society, Politics and Identity. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

    • (2015) ‘Policing Forced Marriages Among Pakistanis in the United Kingdom’, in Margareth Malloch and Paul Rigby (eds), Human Trafficking: The Complexities of Exploitation. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press: 159-174.

  • Reports

    • (2016) ‘Extortion in the United Kingdom’, in Atanas Rusev (ed.), Extortion Racketeering in the EU: Vulnerability Factors. Sofia, Center for the Study of Democracy: 325-345.

    • (2015, with David Wall) ‘Organised Crime in the United Kingdom’, in Ernesto Savona and Giulia Berlusconi (eds), Organised Crime Infiltration of Legitimate Businesses in Europe: A Pilot Project in Five European Countries. Trento, Università degli Studi di Trento (Transcrime): 67-74.

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